Friday, April 28, 2006

HD replacement on Smoke SGI

Here is a brief procedure for HD replacement in the Discreet RAID.

(IRIX based system)

1. Become a root Don't ask how to do it ;)
# sw_config
will show you 'dead' disk
2. Do data copy on spare disk by: sw_heal -h adapter,disk -n adapter,disk (bad -> new)
# sw_heal -h 3,4 -n 5,6
3. Replace the 'dead' disk onto the new one
4. Stop the Smoke file system by:
# sw_stop
# sw_unmount all
5. Save RAID configuration by:
# sw_config
6. Do 'save'!!!
7. Start Smoke file system by:
# sw_restart
8. Be happy :)

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