Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Transcode Dts sound into AC3

Do you think to transcode 6 channels of DTS sound into AC3 format is too difficult and need expensive hardware units and professional studios? If you plan to do it for non professional use - the answer is NO. You need Linux for it ;-) Sure it was tested on openSuSE10.2
You should pass two steps:
  • Decode DTS file to multichannel WAV
  • Transcode multichannel WAV to AC3
For a DTS file with name dtsaudio.dts doing:
# dtsdec -o wavall dtsaudio.dts > multichannel.wav

The next step convert multichannel.wav to AC3 by Aften:
A/52 audio encoder
# aften multichannel.wav multichannel.ac3

That's it ;-) Add this multichannel.ac3 into your project.

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Allerson said...

Here's how to do it on Windows: