Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Animated Penguin GRUB Splash Screen

So, the new article I write in new 2008 year. The openSuSE versions prior 10.3 has annoying animated penguin GRUB Splash Screen. They are jumping and it looks like Xmas stuff. In 10.3 version It was disabled by default. So, if you want enable it in 10.3 version or disable in 10.2 such procedure may exist.
I won't describe here how to do it step by step - only common things. Well, become a root and find a 'message' file in /boot directory. Copy it somewhere for experiments and create a copy of original file. After extract the files from this archive into current temporary directory by:
# cpio -i message
And remove 'message' file from there (nor in /boot ;-)
# rm -vi message
Edit 'gfxboot.cfg' with lines ‘penguin=-1′ (for openSUSE 10.2) or ‘penguin=0′ (for openSUSE 10.3) -1 is random. 0 means that penguin will never be shown and 100 means that it will be shown all the time you boot your computer. Well, now create the new directory there by:
# mkdir -p archive
Then recover 'message' file by:
# ls | cpio -ov > ./archive/message
And replace the original file in boot by your created one. Now close your eyes and reboot computer. Hope all will ok ;-)

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