Saturday, May 24, 2008

Apple is coming...

Just I wanna write some thoughts about Apple® here. Steve, many people respect you as me, and you did the great thing in you life cause you gave personal computer for everyone. My additional respect to Steve Wozniak. He looks like George Lucas in IT industry. You're always on the first edge of technology. The sales policy otherwise looks strange for everyone. That is why, the Apple® looks like thing for rich people and looks exclusive.

To use UNIX as core in your OS was a very strong move. But to change hardware and processors very fast is bad idea. Thinking about customer first and respect them. To sacrifice customer to hardware innovations is bad behavior.

To say about iPhones it looks for everyone like global infatuation. Sure, it is good for sales, but it comes short time only. And it happened not by Apple® policy, but by 'hackers' who 'jail broke' such device. The tons of free software came to this great platform. The infatuation exist. So really, Apple® should thanks talented people, who break iPhone/iTouch and increase company sales. Setup the borders for open software is bad for sales. The competitors who try to make the same phones won't be success in near future simple because of they don't have operating system. To develop it from begin takes a lot of time and Apple® can sleep tight for a while.

Some people may not agree with me, they have the opportunity to write comments here. What others think about.

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