Monday, October 13, 2008

JPG to PDF on Linux

Some 'managers' when scan papers do it into JPG format. I don't know why they do it, perhaps they don't know about Adobe® company and their PDF format, or perhaps they think they can't do it directly by scanning software. But they do. Sometimes I get such scanned papers by e-mail with big problem to print such files cause it is a graphic file not a document. You need to have installed the good graphic viewer on your computer with print function, if not - you'll get unclear result in printing.
To get good result simple use Adobe® Acrobat. But it can't open JPG files. The exit from this situation is to convert JPG to PDF. As I wrote in previous post on Linux exist ImageMagick program. Use it to convert such files by such command:
# convert filename.jpg result.pdf
Very easy?
The second way is to use any KDE program, open JPG file and print it into PDF printer. It works like a charm.
Long live Linux

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