Friday, April 24, 2009

Run Windows Explorer as Administrator

I had no plans to give here any tips for Windows OS, but it's changing fast last years and I'm going to do it here.

To block any Virus activity on your Windows XP system it is recommended for user don't use Administrator account and work as `User' in `Users' group. I work like this many years and my Windows system wasn't be reinstalled yet. But if you need change permissions for file or folder, or maybe install the program, you need start Windows Explorer with Administrator rights. Other way do log off or login every time. If you try to do `runas' on Windows Explorer you won't see anything. It is happen, because Windows Explorer checks itself every time it starts. Other words, Windows Explorer must be started in separate process. So, under the `user' account lets create the link to start Windows Explorer with such command inside:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\runas.exe /u:administrator "C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe /separate"
It will ask your administrator password before run it in console. In addition you can create red backround and white fonts to alarm user that it will start in administrator mode. Cheers.

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