Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Safari Extensions Gallery

Recently I have noted in my Safari 5 the Safari Extensions Gallery option in 'File' menu of program. Yeah, The official Extensions Gallery was opened, but I didn't note it in spite of I follow Apple news in the net. Probably this happened because I was in vacation. When you chose this option you come to official site and can chose many Extensions which improve your Safari. If I compare Safari with Firefox I think Safari now the best browser for Mac OS. I liked to see Extensions installing without Safari restart and you're able to disable them "on the fly".
The most important thing that Apple say: "... they’re digitally signed and sandboxed for improved security." Hope it is true.
The very dangerous part in modern Firefox time that Firefox plugins is not controlled well and there is possibility to find the plugin author which make the "spy plugin" and as result the passwords from your important sites will be leaked to third party pirates. That is why I don't recommend setup any plugins from untrusted place for Firefox or even Safari. Use only official site please. For real 'geeks' there is possibility to switch them off through Safari preferences before visit your "important" site.

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