Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Blog is forked (UPDATED)

As you probably noted my Blog posts here are very rare. Approximately one post per year. Some people say that the Blogging is for old age people or for people who over 35 years old. The young generation use social networks as replacement. Sure, it is already the old form to say something to the world. In addition the new technologies in WEB development are growing fast. I wouldn't say I'm going to close this blog completely. Some users subscribed this address in their RSS aggregators. So, I'll give the address of my new forked Blog HERE.
The reason I use the other thread for my Blog is to study the static Blog technology and new technologies for WEB programming like Node JS, Jekyll, Flask and Yii. I'll keep in touch about progress here or on my other Blog thread. Thank you for attention to my Blogs and posts.

P.S. You can write comments into my new Blog by Disqus.

UPDATE: I accidentally lost the Domain Name of my forked Blog. I have no profit from it, so have to use the the "Free" ;) Domain Name service. By this I have to renew subscription every year. If anyone has any idea to get unlimited free Domain Name write me in the comments or via Twitter. Anyway, to get actual link to my forked Blog is possible HERE or via Twitter. The visitors preview is coming up on my forked Blog.

Thank you so much for your attention and sorry for inconvenience! Have a good day.

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