Sunday, October 04, 2009

Animated GIF processing by ungifsicle

I had such idea to publish animated gif as avatar on registration page. The problem was that I had 60x104 size as original, but page owner demand 100x100 pixels maximum. I've found that many picture editing software can't process with animated gif. In addition I'm a console geek, and prefer CLI solution.
I dug the Internet and found perfect program `ungifsicle'. This program name itself is `gifsicle'. It has huge amount of functions to work with files.
I used such command to resize the animated gif in console:
gifsicle -V --resize-height 100 -O1 orig.gif > modified.gif

-O[level] Optimize output GIF animations for space
--resize-height height Resize the output GIF to height
-V Print progress information to standard error

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