Saturday, October 24, 2009

Avahi Netatalk MacOS openSuSE

Recently I had an idea to integrate the Mac OS work stations with Linux server based on openSuSE 11.1
The problem is that I don't use SMB at my network and FTP working not stable for MacOS especially if necessary to transfer many small files simultaneously. So I start looking native AFP protocol support. `Netatalk' program allow do it on Linux box. I won't describe how to setup it, because enough information about in the Internet. I would suggest to use THIS article for it. My thanks to @ctrld for hints. By my experience, I've tested it with many Mac computers it works well and stable. Tested with MacOS 10.5.6, 10.5.8 under openSuSE11.0, openSuSE11.1, netatalk 2.0.3. Thanks to developers and SuSE staff. I remember you guys.
Regarding Avahi not everything clean. Tested Avahi (0.6.22, 0.6.23) + Netatalk (2.0.3). With MacOS 10.5.6 it works OK and I see the icon in Finder, but with 10.5.8 icon disappear till I restart Avahi daemon. Looks like the Finder buggy or changed. SL wasn't tested yet. But think Avahi developers should note it. We'll see, maybe anyone have solution. We can't use SL on our systems, cause it is PowerPC processors. Comments are welcome. 

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